Asset Digitization

The all new blockchain technology is digitizing assets to launch new markets and reduce the operational costs.

Digital Asset Trading

Transformation of physical assets into tradable digital assets results in liquidity and helps in lowering the barriers to the entry of asset classes in a traditional manner which is controlled by the individuals and institutional investors. The new market opportunities across the commodities sourcing and the trading lifecycle results in billions of savings on a yearly basis.

Multi-Currencies Trading

Blockchain technology facilitates multi-currency payment transfers, at a much faster speed and at a cost which is a fraction of today’s costs. It helps to reduce the FX processing time, and the processing fees and third-party interference.

Unique Commodities

It helps to enhance the participation and value in the normal not-so-liquid market conditions. Blockchain can implement digitization of not yet liquidated assets such as aircraft leases, art, collectibles, real estate, and fine wine to offer provenance and price discovery through transparency and efficiency.

Lending Advancements

Blockchain offers greater market participation at a reduced cost due to simplified workflow and automation process. Before the implementation of the blockchain, there was an increased instance of tampering of data among counterparties, time-consuming settlement times, unnecessary manual processes and data re-entry which resulted in higher cost and delay in the loan market.


Blockchain platform facilitates companies to communicate with shareholders and investors and offers them transparency in the ownership along with access to the secondary market. This will be of great advantage for small and medium enterprises to keep their records in the blockchain platform rather than maintaining it manually, eliminating the chances of tampering of the shareholders' database.

Enterprise Deployment Optimization

  • Advanced security techniques, Best-in-class, leveraging software and hardware technologies.
  • Customizing and configuring permissioning and consensus.
  • Modular architecture built for high performance deployments.

Tools to Grade Enterprises

  • Search and Manage all assets.
  • Specialized software supports asset management tools existing in the market.
  • Analyzing blockchain environment and network.
  • Platform is extensible, modular and lightweight.
  • Protocol interoperability and Product agnostic.
  • 24/7 Support.

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